Monday, 20 May 2013

SBT… ~!

SBT: Definitely not “simple”, and not like anything I’ve ever used before, but it’s powerful.  I like that I can ask it to create .idea or .project / .classpath / .* (i.e. Eclipse) files, and I really like the ‘~’ command. E.g. if I start sbt in the Scala Koans project and then type “~ test-only org.functionalkoans.forscala.Koans” then it’ll run the tests, but rather than finishing, it’ll sit there, waiting for a file to change, and when it detects a change it’ll recompile and re-run, automatically.  Spooky to watch when using IDEA which doesn’t even trust me to save my own files and so does it for me.

I wonder how it’ll work with a TDD approach?