Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Conventions, Conventions

Interesting comment in the last koan of AboutMutableMaps (koan("Mutable maps can be cleared")):

Makes sense.  And it’d be a nice signpost to the reader.  It got me thinking, Scala is a language still gaining in adoption, and changing regularly too; so what are the current style conventions?

Well, I had a look through some old Evernote notes I’d made at the last Java Posse Roundup (attended by quite a few Scala mavens) and I had this bookmark to a document called The Scala Style Guide.  Apparently, its contents are “followed with more or less fervency”.  I think I should give this a read.

Notably, I’d linked there from “Effective Scala” (written by Marius Eriksen out of Twitter) from a session I’d attended about Scala Adoption.  It seems like that might have a treasure trove of information I can plumb later on.