Wednesday, 14 August 2013

“Atomic Scala” is Available (as a PDF too)

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was a proof-reader/tester on an early draft of Atomic Scala, and I know both Bruce and Dianne.

I’ve posted before about Atomic Scala, for which I hold out great hope.  It was always my aim to use it as the wedge which which I would force my way into Scala-greatness.  The problem was, I do all my reading on the train, and there was no way I was going to lug a technical tome back and forth to work on top of my laptop.

Until now (well, now-ish, I’m a little slow in getting to this post) there has been no electronic version.  Ideally I’m looking for a Kindle (.mobi) version, but anything electronic would do.  This meant that I’d been fighting my way through Nilanjan Raychaudhuri’s Scala in Action. Until now.

I’m pleased to say that I’ve heard from Bruce and Dianne that you can now get an Atomic Scala PDF (with Kindle .mobi to come later when it’s available at no extra cost) for $20.00 from Gumroad.  (It’s in Beta, but that’s for technical, not content reasons – the dead-tree version has been about for more than six months.)

I’ve got it, and am loving it.  I highly recommend you get a copy too.  If you want to dip your toe in free, the first 100 pages are available for free.